About memories of Italy


‘Memories of Italy’ is a collection of beautiful everyday objects that I’ve met and appreciated in my thirty years of life in Italy.

I would like to present these objects following the thread of my memory and the impressions they evoke to me, through anecdotes, places and circumstances that make them dear to me and that arouse love for the many little beautiful things that are lived in Italy.

Meetings and people, like the many talented artisans who pass on their history and their antique mastery through these common use objects.

Italy, like Japan, is for centuries a country of Art and Design, and many objects of millennial use have remained almost unchanged.

Because material, form and function were perfect right from the beginning.

When I was still young, I came to this country from Japan to become a real Designer.

With the help and knowledge of many people I lived a very fully and stimulating life, both as designer and as a woman.

When I realized it, the lenght of my stay in Italy had already exceeded half of my lived life.

Today, like everyone else, I had to stop moving because of the world pandemic, instead of flying from place to place, I spent more time at home, reflecting on the past.

One day, talking to my family about moments spent in beautiful places, an idea came to my mind.


“I would like to present a book of everyday objects that are part of the good italian memories. Normal things, of everyday use, that give the feeling of being in Italy, but beautiful and made by Italian artisans”


Also to express my gratitude to Italy for accepting me with open arms!

Instead of a book then I decided to make possible the tangible use of these objects for all those who feel nostalgia, love or just the desire to come back to Italy, with a collection that can be purchased from anyone.

A somewhat romantic e-commerce, always in progress, where I let you enter my world and my visions, which all those who love Italy will surely feel as their own.

The products I present here are all handmade.

In Italy, as in Japan, there have always been many artisans, with even millenary traditions handed down for generations.

In the execution, the artisans transmit their skills, history, life experience to their objects, and those who buy and use them write their own on them, in a long and continous enrichment of emotions and lived life.

The stories of ‘Memories of Italy’ are really part of my daily life in Italy.

If you like some of the ‘Memories of Italy’ objects, order it and you too can impress a bit of your history and life lived in the beauty of little things.

Kaori Shiina