Eco del marmo
The Story


The young owners of Eco del Marmo, Matteo and Francesco, certainly don’t seem like marble workers. They’re beautiful, cultured, contemporary and have the sparkling eyes of kids who have discovered the enthusiasm of a new game.
Theirs is a typical story of hope for the rebirth of a craftsmanship which knows how to update itself in design and communication. Not just an Italian history, but also frequent in Japan and almost all over the world.

Matteo and Francesco are the third generation of marble artisans. Their father Massimo began his career in the 1960s, and during the economic boom of the 1980s his business thrived and expanded. But when Matteo was born in 1993, and Francesco in 1996, the work in the small workshop began to drop due to the globalization forced by the large marble companies.

Their workshop, a family business, began to get into debt and both felt as children the great fatigue of their father and the often gloomy atmosphere in the family.
However, for both of them, their father was Superman. They grew up wishing a strong and peaceful father, they wanted to be like him, by attending his workshop and watching him work.
Observing their father’s passion and dedication to his work, they wondered how they could help him, but of course they were still too young to actually do it.



A few years later Mattia graduated in Economics and Francesco in Web Design.
They will never forget the proud look of their father and the touching smile of the mother on the day of graduation ceremony.
For both of them it was also the time to actively engage in the family business.
Despite their university studies, they did not want to interrupt the knowledge of stone work and the passion that grandfather Francesco, father Massimo and uncle Giuseppe had handed down to their generation.
Having lived with this thought since childhood, they are now committed to continuing to grow their small family business with new tools and slills.

Thus Eco del Marmo was born.

Eco del Marmo’s mission is to create objects and supplies with stone processing techniques that have been handed down for three generations, using Bianco di Carrara, their local marble of the highest quality that represents Italy.
To create simple products suitable for modern life, with attention to detail, and connect them to sales especially through digital marketing and technology. 


Their story is very similar to that of many international artisans who are partners of Hands on Design ( , the brand we launched five years ago.
Since the end of economic growth, society is changing and values are transforming. Young people think differently about their own life and how they want to stand towards the future. Rather than becoming one of the gears of a large company, nowadays very difficult anyway, there is a growing trend to get involved, to open a business, and build a sustainable society on a scale that makes them happy and participating in their places of origin.
Often pleasant places, with great cultural, landscape and gastronomic traditions.

It has been a little over a year since they started their business. I hope they will grow and spread the purity of Carrara marble and the Italian tradition even more to the world. I’m sure the two of them can do it.


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