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Pascucci, the old-fashioned artisan workshop where hand-printed textiles are made, has kept tradition going since 1826.
The printing technique they use has been the same for seven generations: wooden blocks dipped in ink are placed on the fabric and hit with a mallet. Little by little, tablecloths and curtains are thus printed with ornamental designs or floral patterns taken from the rich traditional heritage of the Romagna area.

The design printed on this apron is original and exclusive for Memories of Italy.

Details and dimensions

Apron with traditional printing
Material: 100% Linen
Print: Blue
One Size - Adjustable with ribbon
Handmade in Italy

As the product is hand-made, printing block positioning and colours may vary.

Washing suggestions

Cold Water For the first three washes (by hand or in a washing machine), use cold water.
No rubbing In case of visible stains, please avoid rubbing directly on designs and leave the textile to soak instead.
Bleaching For the first three washes, and then when needed, diluted bleach can be used for both soaking and washing.
60 °C – 140 °F degrees After the first three washes, hot water at a temperature of 60 °C – 140 °F can be used.
Drying Do not tumble dry.
Ironing Iron textiles on high heat with steam when the fabric is still slightly damp.


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